Valentine´s Day – Florists Best Day

Valentine´s Day is a perfect occasion for giving flowers to the woman you love. Women are usually gentle and romantic; therefore, they might expect flowers. Even though the flowers without any occasion are a great surprise, and the best way to say sorry if you forgot your anniversary or sorry because you forgot to pick her up after work; flowers on Valentine´s Day is special. It is the symbol of love.

Around 65% of men buy flowers on Valentine´s Day because they feel like it is a tradition, even though many of them do not even know the meaning of their gift. However, it is the kind of gift that men are usually certain about buying, knowing that they cannot make a mistake. This kind of thinking is wrong – they can! However, there are florists who are able to suggest something great for you, explain the meaning of flower kinds and the colours, and eventually, make something special for your desired price.

Florists work around the clock on Valentine´s Day. They make special offers for the customers; they try to attract men to buy flowers for their wives or girlfriends. They arrange special bouquets for their clients depending on their income. Therefore you can find beautiful flower arrangements between $20 and $200.

Red roses are usually the number one choice since it is always connected with love and passion. Rose bouquets are very important for women, because they feel appreciated and special. Women usually associate this with your love. Prices of the bouquets can vary and but on Valentine´s Day flowers, especially roses tend to get more expensive, because of the cost of the transport and increase of demand. However, all those with a bit higher income can afford to buy their wives big and romantic rose bouquets. This is a very expensive cliché that will eventually die, and it is almost a waste of money. Instead of roses you can buy her something else, and surprise her with these flowers without any particular occasion.

Besides, if you consider that roses are cliché then you should consider buying tulips, especially if you are at the beginning of the relationship. Red and pink tulips symbolise fresh start, while perfectly scarlet tulip symbolises perfect love. If beautifully arranged in vase or bouquet, they are the second best choice for Valentine´s Day.

Orchids are also great option for Valentine´s Day. Even though they remind you of vivid and tropic places, they bring very delicate touch to the gift, and show that you are very romantic, and that your love is gentle and delicate. Besides, it also gives certain luxury, beauty and strength.

Gerber daisies are innocent and fun and you might think that they are only allowed at the beginning of the relationship. However, they are certainly unexpected but sweet way to express love. Especially, if you pick those in colour of love and let your florist arrange them in heart shape, your lovely lady will certainly neglect the fact they are not roses.

Lilies are for those who are brave. You need to be sure that you will get the right reaction from your significant other. Women tend to analyse things, therefore, they will analyse the symbolic of the flowers too. You can pick Mini Cala Lily or a Red Peruvian Lily, and your special lady will be satisfied. Even the delicate colours can express love, and these flowers are the best example.
Hydrangeas are beautiful flowers that offer bigger and more affordable bouquets. They come in light and lovely colours, from white to purple. They are extremely delicate and it is a great option to arrange bouquets with a mix of these flowers to get the better effect. Be brave, and show your partner a new way of celebrating Valentine´s Day.

There are also specially arranged bouquets that offer different kinds of flowers in the same arrangement. These can be really beautiful and special, but be sure you ask and know what all the flowers in the arrangement mean and what they symbolize. You don´t want to buy “I´m sorry” flowers, since your wife probably knows the meaning.

In many cases your income can dictate your abilities, nevertheless, it does not mean that your flowers is going to wrong for this occasion. Flower shops offer lovely bouquets on budget, but if you really want to buy roses, a single red rose can be enough. It is the gesture that is appreciated not the size and the price of the gift. Flowers are not going to last forever, so you better leave the great memory.