The Most Gentle Valentine´s Day Gift

What are the best ways to show your gentle love for someone? First of all, Valentine´s Day is a perfect option to show her how much she means to you. You can plan a romantic dinner or a trip for two, to show her how much you enjoy her company. But if you really want to make her feel special, buy her a present. Women love presents. And if you don´t care about the budget than this is the list for you. Well, if she is really the special one, you will not be concerned with the prices.

There are always coupons from her favourite boutiques or spa centres which you can give to her as a gift, but there are some gentler and more romantic touches to show your girlfriend or wife how much you care. However, there is no gentler way than saying “I love you” with roses, jewellery, chocolate or perfumes. Therefore, in the list below we will give you some examples which are loved by all romantic and gentle women.

24 Karat Gold-Dipped Natural Rose from the Eternity Rose

This fantastic and gentle gift is meant for a special girl in your life. This is one of the most beautiful and unique gifts which is certainly something out of this world. Besides, there is no better way of giving flowers, because this flower can last forever. This is a real rose which grows in certain conditions. After it reaches particular size, the rose is treated in order to be preserved, and afterwards dipped in 24 karat gold. The rose can be bought for $169.

Love Story Perfume by Chloé
Love Story Perfume with its symbolic name is something every woman is going to be glad to receive, and on any occasion as well, but if you decide to buy her a perfume for Valentine´s Day than this is the right choice. Chloé´s classic and lovely bottles always hide amazing fragrances, and Love Story perfume has jasmine and orange blossom notes. You can buy it for $105.
Valentine’s Day Berries From Edible Arrangements
I hope that your love is as sweet as this box of chocolate dipped berries and if it is, than you will not make mistake if you surprise her with this lovely present. It says “I love you” in the most simple and the sweetest way one can imagine. This is not a gift that is going to last, but it is certainly a gift that will leave a great memory. Valentine’s Day Berries box, with one dozen chocolate dipped strawberries in heart-shaped box will give her lovely feeling and a lifetime memory. These can be bought for only $49.

Chloé Bianca Solid Perfume Necklace
Another Chloé item on the list, for those who cannot decide between jewellery and perfume there is a great way to combine both. The gentle pinkish locket hides solid perfume which is a unique and new way of wearing a perfume. Timeless and classic look of the locket will easily be combines with different outfits and give it a certain touch. Moreover, your special woman will be able to apply the perfume anytime she wants it. This necklace can be bought for $65.

The Best of Flower Muse Subscription
Nothing says love like flowers, but there is no way to keep it unless it is gold dipped rose. But maybe there is another way. You are able to surprise her with flowers for a year with this monthly delivery service. This can be a good way to say that you care even outside Valentine´s Day. This is the most gentle and unique way to surprise her, and with this subscription you can make her feel special more than just one day in a year. This lovely subscription costs $180.

Gold Heart Candy Dish presented with GODIVA Gold Ballotin

Chocolate gift for the Valentine's Day

This is one of the best ways to surprise her on Valentine. Chocolate is the ultimate expression of love, but once the chocolate is eaten, your significant other will have lovely gold heart-shaped dish designed by Michael Aram. These 8 piece chocolate box can be bought for $49.

Sterling Silver ‘I Love You to the Moon and Back’ Pendant Necklace
However, to give you example that gentle gift does not have to be expensive at the same time, we introduced this lovely necklace. “I Love You to the Moon and Back” inscription around the rim will remind her of one of the best love songs, and it will also be a good statement of your love, she will be able to wear all the time. This necklace is great if you want to buy something cool for your girlfriend and it costs around $30.