Don’t Rely on Cupid – We’ve got plenty of Ideas for Romantic Valentine’s Gifts for Her

It doesn’t take long for Valentine’s Day to creep up on you, and before you know it you’ll need to find the perfect gift. Don’t make the mistake of leaving it till the last minute or your only option will be a frantic dash to the store on Valentine’s morning. And what do you think will be waiting for you? A few wilted roses, that quite frankly wouldn’t be appreciated by the loneliest person, and a card that only says “Happy Valentine” isn’t going to win any prizes.

Don’t leave it all up to Cupid’s arrow. How can you be sure he’ll hit the mark? Better to be safe than sorry, and we’re here to point you in the right direction. Time to make this coming Valentine one of the most romantic ever, and maybe even make it a regular occurrence. When it comes to Valentine’s gifts for her, romantic is the only way to go. Well maybe there are a few more such as humorous, unique and creative, but we’ll take a look at some of those over on our other pages.

Romantic Valentine’s gifts for her is what many women are going to be hoping for. And even though gift manufacturers seem to have jumped on the bandwagon and there are heaps of generic gifts available, most wouldn’t be considered very romantic by the woman you love. Many years ago, gifts were far more romantic, because they were far more personal and had more meaning. Don’t panic though because there are still some romantic Valentine gifts for her that will perfectly fit the bill. And we’re going to lead you right to them.

Romantic Valentine’s Gift Ideas for Her

24k Gold-Dipped Natural Rose

gold rose
eternity rose

  • A natural rose dipped in 24 karat gold.
  • It perfectly combines the beauty of a rose and the majesty of fine gold.
  • Presented in an exquisite leather case, and comes with a certificate of authenticity.

Price: $179

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Red Natural Rose Glazed & Trimmed

red glazed rose
eternity rose

  • A real yellow rose which has been hand-picked at its height of beauty.
  • Perfectly glazed with a trim of 24 karat gold
  • Presented in a stylish display case made from PU leather, with a double-sided authenticity certificate.

Price: $169

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Red Glazed Rose Heart Pendant

eternity rose

  • Luxurious pendant created from red natural miniature rose petals.
  • Styled in a heart shape, the pendant is studded with 21 radiant synthetic diamonds.
  • Presented in a thick navy-blue velvet pouch, backed up by a lifetime warranty.

Price: $79

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Romantic Valentine’s gifts for her that will bowl her over

romantic gifts ideasHere are a few ideas that will show your darling how much you care.

Say how you feel in a handwritten love letter
There are plenty of Valentine’s cards that can be used to put your feelings into words, but somehow they always seem to be a little general. A much better idea would be to write your own words to explain what it is that you love about your wife, girlfriend or partner. You’re not going to find the right words in ten minutes. This is the kind of gift that requires some thought. Start out with a rough draft that you can add or take away from, until you’re satisfied with a final version. Pick some cute paper and an envelope and copy your love letter down in your best handwriting. You can always add chocolates, flowers or some other token of your affection for added effect.

Spend the day together relaxing
How many days do you actually get to spend with your beloved doing nothing much at all? Bet there aren’t very many. You could probably count them on one hand. Modern life is so full of commitments and responsibilities that spending time relaxing is almost impossible. Start the day with breakfast in bed, and serve up her favourites. A freshly brewed cup of coffee, pancakes, cereal, toast or chocolate covered strawberries – she’s your special lady, and you know what she likes better than anyone. Book the day off for both of you and spend it relaxing in your local spa. A warm bath and sensual couples massage – what better way to spend your day?

Jewellery will always be popular with the ladies
These Valentine’s romantic gifts can be made personal with a suitable engraving. There isn’t a lot of room to say how you feel, but there’s room enough to tell her that you love her. Try and pick a style that you know she’s fond of, or a piece of jewellery that is made from her birthstone. Even better would be a gift from Eternity Rose. They have jewellery gift sets that include a set of earrings and a pendant that are made from glazed rose petals, trimmed with 24 carat gold. Also included is an individual rose bloom that has been dipped in gold, silver or platinum. How special is she going to feel when she opens this on Valentine’s Day?

A first edition of a romantic novel or book of poems
There is still a place for ‘old-fashioned’ books, with a hard cover and pages you actually have to turn. Take a look in your local bookshop and see if you can find a first edition of a classic novel or book of poetry. What a novel idea! Get it?

rose for herTime to getaway
If you’re blessed with children time to see if the grandparents can take care of them for the day, or maybe even the weekend. The plan with this gift is to spend time together, and get away from it all. And that doesn’t include worrying about changing nappies, wiping runny noses or getting kids ready for bed. Why not spend Valentine’s Day somewhere completely different? A quiet country cottage, or a beach hut overlooking the ocean would be perfect.

A gift basket full of her favourites
Put together a basket filled with all her favourite things and you might find this less stressful than picking one almighty Valentine’s gift that you want to wow her. Fill it with anything and everything – candy, chocolate, biscuits, DVD, beauty products, fashion accessories. As long as you’re sure she’ll like it pretty much anything will fit the bill.

Now you’re armed with a few ideas it’s all down to you mate. Get down to the local gift stores or take a look at the many online gift sites likes ours. If you’re reading this and Valentine’s Day is still a few weeks away don’t waste your time procrastinating. Time for some action or Valentine’s Day will be around the corner and there’s no way you’ll be prepared.

Don’t let your sweetheart be disappointed this Valentine. Finding a Valentine gift for her that’s romantic is a piece of cake. Trust in your feelings and show her how much she means to you. She won’t be sad, she’ll feel like a million dollars because she knows you love her.