Valentine’s Day Marriage Proposal Ideas

February 14th is the most romantic day of the year so it comes as very little surprise that many marriage proposals are made on Valentine’s Day. A day filled with flowers, chocolates and stolen kisses seems the perfect time for a man to get down on bended knee and ask the love of his life to become his wife. Just how many proposals are planned and how many are spur-of-the-moment is unknown but one thing that is certain is that people get swept up in the romance of the day.

Over 6 million people are likely to become engaged to be married on Valentine’s Day. Several million more are hopeful or expecting but may become part of the statistics that list the number of disappointed people who end Valentine’s Day without an engagement happening.

When a man and a woman sit across a table from each other in a romantic, candlelit restaurant with soft music playing and good food and wine on the table it is the perfect atmosphere for a proposal. How it happens is just as important as when and where.

Incredibly Romantic Ways to Propose


Proposal on Valentine's Day
Choosing the right location can make a huge impact on the romance level of a proposal. While a romantic restaurant is a nice location it is very public so if planning to get down on bended knee while at dinner you need to take this into account. If privacy is important to you choose a picnic in a nice park or rural area, or if a restaurant is important try and get a private dining room or the quietest part of the restaurant.

For a stunning location that will knock her socks off choose somewhere with a magnificent view. The Empire State Building, New York is a fantastic location for a proposal, as is the top of the Eiffel Tower, Paris, France, but it doesn’t have to be that well-known a location. If the two of you have a special place that you both enjoy a lot such as a particular stretch of ocean front it can be just as romantic.


Deciding what part of the day you propose is important. If you choose to propose over breakfast in bed you can enjoy the rest of your Valentine’s Day being engaged. It is more common for proposals to happen over dinner or after eating in the evening but there are no rules that say it has to be that way, which is why if you want to mix things up a bit you can ask her to marry you over breakfast or lunch instead.

Make sure the atmosphere is right. When a woman is asked for her hand in marriage she wants it to be romantic in every way so that it is a memory she can enjoy for the rest of her life, and tell her children and grandchildren about in years to come. If there is any tension whatsoever it is better to wait until another occasion when things are calmer and more loving.


Engagement ring and rose for proposal of marriage
There simply is nothing more romantic than having a man get down on his bended knee, profess his eternal love for her, and ask her to be his wife. While it may seem like a silly gesture most women will find it incredibly romantic and love you all the more for being willing to follow this old-fashioned tradition. Another old tradition is to ask her father for permission to marry his daughter before asking the woman he wants to spend the rest of his life with. Historically it was a requirement but today it is a sign of respect.


The only gift a woman needs to receive along with the proposal of marriage is an engagement ring. It is the ultimate Valentine’s Day gift and one that will be treasured for the rest of her life but choosing the perfect ring can be a challenge. For this reason it may be better to go shopping for the engagement ring after she agrees to marry him. Provided there are jewelry shops open on February 14 th it can be incorporated into the fun of the entire Valentine’s Day experience to shop together to find the perfect ring.

Note: If planning to propose marriage in a public place be confident that your proposal will elicit the right response. To avoid embarrassment for both of you it is best that you be sure she will say yes. To put a woman into a situation where she feels forced into saying yes when in private she would have said no is a recipe for disaster, as eventually she will have to admit that she either isn’t ready or has no interest in getting married.

Matched set gift in 24k gold for February 14th