The Most Expensive Valentine’s Day Chocolates

No Valentine’s Day celebration would be complete without chocolates. Along with greeting cards and red roses chocolates are traditional Valentine’s Day gifts, not only for lovers, but also for friends, classmates and family members. From a small box a child might give a favorite teacher to the most expensive and elaborate box of chocolates and everything in between gets presented to special people on February 14 th .

The Most Expensive Chocolates Available Around The World

Chocolates and roses

Gargantua by The Ross – If you have a spare $14000.00 just lying around you could consider purchasing a box of Gargantua by The Ross chocolates for the important person in your life. For those who think the price tag is outrageous it is likely to flabbergast them even more to know that there are only 6 individual chocolates inside! Each of those 6 chocolates is wrapped in gold, but part of what makes this one of the world’s most expensive boxes of chocolates is the hexagonal-shaped box made of pure volcanic glass. The entire package is dedicated to three of Hollywood’s greatest legendary women: Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn and Vivien Leigh, and is in celebration of their ultimate beauty.

Marie Belle River of Diamonds Cien Box – At $400 this beautifully boxed chocolates are much more affordable but still luxury priced. With replicas of famous painter Chau Giang Thi Nguyen’s nine better known oil paintings on these ganaches they are almost too beautiful to eat. The box is ink painted and alone is a work of art that features green rhinestones. Inside are 100 individual pieces of chocolate artfully arranged.

DeLafée of Switzerland – For $315 chocolate lovers can enjoy this gorgeous box of 24 karat edible gold chocolates. As if the 8 chocolates wasn’t enough to entice the sweet-toothed, long after the sweets have been enjoyed the recipient of these can enjoy the collectible antique Swiss coin from the 1910’s to 1920’s that is included in the center of the box. Attractively boxed, this is a great Valentine gift for a coin collector or historian.

Knipschildt Chocolatier La Madeline au Truffle – At $250 for a single truffle this truly is one of the most expensive pieces of chocolate available. Truffles are one of life’s delicacies and when they are covered in decadent, sweet 71% pure Ecuadorian dark chocolate they become out-of-this-world amazing! Each truffle is handcrafted and wrapped in gold. The rare chocolate-covered French Perigord truffle is nestled on a bed of sugar pearls in a silver box that is tied up with a beautiful ribbon.

Chocolate and rose
Champagne Truffles by The Chocolate – At a mere $165 this is an amazing gift box of the most amazing truffles that are flecked with edible 24 karat gold. These are so beautiful that your loved one may be reluctant to eat them but once she tastes one they won’t last long. The combination of the delicacy truffles with world-class Champagne and smooth, creamy dark chocolate is decadence at its best. The beautiful box the 15 luxury truffle sweets come in is liberally but tastefully studded with Swarovski crystals that just smacks of luxury and class.

Godiva Keepsake Chocolate Heart – This pretty box of Godiva chocolates includes 40 unique, beautifully presented delicious seasonal truffles and chocolates. After the chocolates are long gone the box is perfect to use as a keepsake box. The red heart-shape of this keepsake collection of chocolates make it perfectly suited to be given as a Valentine’s Day gift, or at any time you want to tell someone special that you love them with all of your heart. The $100 price tag gives you a sweet experience to gift your loved one with as well as a box to keep all her little treasures in for years to come.

Ralph Lauren – World renowned fashion designer Ralph Lauren has managed to produce a chocolate gift box that appeals to all the senses. This all in one sweet box includes one dozen Belgian chocolate roses and a bottle of fragrance. Inside the box cover is space for your message to your loved one and the pretty box includes ribbon to tie it closed. At around $90 this is a luxury set at an affordable price that makes it a perfect Valentine’s Day gift for a special lady.

Constellation Chocolate – At $75 a box this Constellation collection features 21 individually shaped and designed chocolates. Each chocolate was created by an acclaimed world chef for your ultimate enjoyment. This set is not only a taste sensation but also an attractively displayed collection in an elegant box that includes a map that shows the location of each contributing chef. A portion of the proceeds of each sale benefits charity.