Valentine’s Day Gifts for Your Betrothed

What stage you are at in your relationship often impacts the choice of gifts. For engaged couples there is a promise of marriage and living the rest of their lives together so it is not out of place for them to give each other Valentine gifts that have a lot of meaning.

Great Gift Ideas For Both Men And Women

Red rose in hands

For Her

The three traditional romantic Valentine’s Day gifts are greeting cards, chocolates and red roses, and most women love to receive any one or all of these on Valentine’s Day. That being said it is not necessary to give her all three of these items if you have another gift in mind. A card with a personal message, along with another gift, will be appreciated even if there are not flowers or chocolates to accompany them.

Best Gift Ideas for Your Fiancée

Red Glazed Natural Rose

Red glazed natural rose
eternity rose

  • A natural red rose, plucked at the height of its perfection.
  • Each rose is crafted by hand, featuring 24 karat gold embossed on its petal and leaf edges.
  • The finish is a lustrous and brilliant shine.

Price: $169

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Blue Rose Earrings in Leaf Style

Blue glazed rose earrings in leaf style
eternity rose

  • A pair of opulent earrings formed using real blue miniature rose petals.
  • These earrings incorporate an artistic golden representation of a rose leaf.
  • Each pair of earrings comes with a lifetime warranty.

Price: $79

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Silver-Dipped Natural Rose

Silver-dipped natural rose
eternity rose

  • Real rose dipped in pure silver and it has a bright and radiant mirror finish.
  • An iconic symbol of devotion and eternal love that will endure a lifetime.
  • The rose is presented in a navy-blue velvet & le.

Price: $179

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Rose pendant necklace
Jewelry – It is as appropriate a gift for a fiancée as it is for a wife long-term significant other. The promise of marriage has been made and therefore there is the expectation of living a long and happy life together so gifts that reflect the permanency of the relationship are perfect. A rose pendant necklace that incorporates diamonds or precious gems is something that will last her for the rest of her life. Make sure that you choose the precious metal that she prefers, whether it is gold, silver, or platinum. A necklace or bracelet that features her birthstone is another great choice if she is particularly fond of her birthstone.

Getaway – A weekend away at a romantic location where the two of you can be totally alone, away from the hustle and bustle of normal everyday life and wedding preparations will do you both the world of good. Throw in a spa treatment or two, a massage, relaxing in a Jacuzzi or any other event that will help her relax and you will have a very appreciative woman on your hands. Find a location where you are far enough away from the noise of a city but close enough to entertainment should the two of you decide to go to a movie, to a show or to explore art galleries or museums. By the time the weekend is over the two of you should be well rested, relaxed and have had fun together.

Framed Picture – Take the best photograph you can find of the two of you and have it professionally printed and framed. There will be lots of beautiful photographs taken of your wedding day but many people forget to make photographic memories of the days before they got married. Choose a beautiful silver or gold-toned frame that will fit in with any décor so that it will be perfect no matter what your future home’s décor will be.

For Him

Gift boxes
Cologne – It is a nice Valentine’s Day gift for a man. If he has favorite cologne a gift set is a good choice of gift for him. If he doesn’t have one he prefers over another you could choose a gift selection of several small sized bottles of various colognes so he can try each one and hopefully find one he really likes.

Chair – Now that the two of you are in the process of planning the rest of your lives together chances are a home of your own is on your list of things to accomplish. Buying him a living room chair that he can call his own will be a really nice gesture not only to show him that you are thinking about the future but that you are thinking of his comfort enough to give him a chair he can call his own. An alternative to a living room chair is an office desk. A piece of furniture symbolizes the future so makes a great gift for Valentine’s Day.

Hand Knitted Sweater – If you are good at crafts and know how to knit making your guy a hand knitted sweater is incredibly special because he will know the loving care you knitted into every stitch. Make it from genuine wool yarn and he will have a sweater that will keep him very warm on cold winter days and nights. If you feel a sweater is beyond your capabilities he will enjoy wearing a scarf that you knitted or crocheted yourself. A scarf is fairly straightforward and easy to make, even for a beginner. For those who have never knitted you should consider taking lessons or learning from online videos so that you can make him something special with your own two hands. From your heart to his with all the love and promise of a wonderful future together, he will truly treasure the time and effort that you put into both learning to knit or crochet and the making of his gift.

Jewelry – Many men like to wear jewelry as much as women. Cufflinks are a really beautiful Valentine gift for the man who wears dress shirts regularly, or a tie pin. If your man doesn’t wear jewelry you could buy him a quality, upmarket key ring for his house and car keys.