Every Woman Deserves a Valentine´s Day Gift

Buying the gift for your special lady can be a tricky task. Men are often unsure what to give to their girlfriends, fiancés and wives, so they often end up stressed out and disappointed because they think that their choice is wrong. However, every woman deserves a gift on Valentine´s Day, and you must be sure to pick something that will make them feel special. There are some key features that the gift needs to provide, and you are not going to be wrong, for sure!

You can decide on something with bling – like jewellery or watch. If you are still far away from that stage of relationship, you can always buy her something sweet – like chocolate or heart-shaped candies, which can bring her a smile on her face, no matter if you are just dating couple of weeks or couple of years. You can´t be wrong with some personal items like make-up, perfumes, bags, scarves, lingerie or something like that. And finally, you will not be wrong with those “I love you” items like mugs and notebooks with hearts, cards with specially written quotes or simply, flowers

However, if you are not sure what items women deserve specifically, we will give you some help.

For the bling, we picked BaubleBar Gray Marie necklace which is a great and lovely statement necklace which can be worn for classy and elegant dinners as well as for everyday work in office. Its rich gray colours will certainly be something that your lovely lady can combine with different colours of clothes and accessories. This item can be bought for $34.
However, if you are able to give a little more money and if your lady is more into the classic items than you can certainly buy her a lovely Kate Spade two-tone Seaport Grande watch. It is the item she will appreciate and she will think of you anytime she wants to see what time it is. This item can be bought for $225.
For those “something sweet” items we chose Rocq heart macaroons, which are sweet just to look at. These are French made macaroons which are shipped around the Europe, and even United States – for free! As they state on their online page these macaroons are made with natural ingredients, without any artificial preservatives, and with lots of love! They can be bought for $65 and

Valentine´s Day is a great opportunity to give them to your special someone.

Since we said you can make mistake with make-up, perfumes, bags, scarves and lingerie, we will give you the right example for each of these groups.
For all those who are newly dating there is a great set by Deborah Lippman called My Touch My Kiss which includes nail polish and lipstick in similar, matching shades. This lovely set can be bought for $38.
Perfumes are something all women love, and Philosophy Loveswept will certainly be the fragrance she will enjoy. This lovely pinkish bottle with “Follow your heart” quote hides sensual scent and rich blends of citrus, bergamot and amber.
If she loves bags, like most women than you should buy her Mini Raffa Shoulder Bag in the colour of love. It only costs $35 but it is a lovely accessory that every woman will be glad to receive as a gift.

If you decide to buy her a scarf you may get a bit lost. There are millions of lovely scarves with various colours and patterns. Therefore you might choose one you know she will like with her red coat or lighter one which she can wear through the whole spring. Be sure that you can pick something she will like. We will recommend La Fiorentina Magenta and Burnt Orange Ombre Scarf which is very classy and soft since it is a blend of cashmere and wool. These are the colours that will remind her of Valentine´s Day and the spring in front of us.
However, if you consider that you need to spice up the things on Valentine´s Day you can pick nice lingerie for your special lady. However, you might pick this one according to your preferences, and without our help, since this item can be a gift for you as well. Therefore we will not provide you with the special example. Go ahead and treat yourself.

And finally, if you decide to buy something that says “I love you” than be sure it is not cheesy or cliché if possible. The flowers are always expected, but always welcomed as well. If you decide on the card or something like that, be sure that it states what you think and how you feel about the women you are giving this gift. All these gifts are something that every woman deserves in her life to feel beautiful, appreciated, loved and special to someone.