Romantic DIY Valentine’s Gifts from the Heart

While it is wonderful to give a Valentine gifts that have been carefully chosen, with a lot of thought put into them, there is something special and more romantic about items that have been made by hand. Your loved one will appreciate the fact that you took time to put love into every aspect of your Valentine gift to them, and that you didn’t resort to buying something off the shelf. Though there is nothing wrong with a store-bought item it doesn’t have quite the depth of meaning as something hand-crafted.

Creative Ideas When Considering Making Your Valentine’s Gift This Year

Handmade Valentine gift for her
Print on Demand – You don’t have to physically make the entire gift from hand. Using a Print on Demand service to create something unique and special for your loved one will still show her that it is coming straight from your heart. Where the hand-made part comes in is in the design. Even if you are not good at drawing or feel you are not very creative you can still take a great photograph of the two of you and have it printed onto a number of great items such as a coffee mug, tote bag or even turned into a stretched canvas that can be hung on her wall to enjoy every time she sees it. Print on Demand services offer a wide range of products that can be personalized with a photograph or if you feel creative with words you can choose to have a personal message to her printed on an item instead.

Love Coupons – These are easy to make. All you need to do is design a coupon on your computer and then fill them in with things you will do for your love. Here are some suggestions:
✻ Foot rub
✻ Breakfast in bed
✻ Candlelit dinner
✻ Have her car detailed
✻ A movie date
✻ Do dishes for a month
✻ Watch a ‘chick flick’ with her

You can really get creative with the things that your honey likes and make coupons for each one. Do not put an expiration date on them so she can use them whenever she wants to. Make sure that the coupons you make are for things you are willing to do though. Make at least 20 and if you want to make more you can make 3 or 4 of each coupon. Once you print them out cut them out and staple them together to make a booklet.

Compose a Letter, Poem or Song – When you write from your heart the words flow easily on to the paper. Writing a love letter to the one you adore should be easy to do if you just let your feelings come out freely. Getting them down on paper will give her something that she can treasure for the rest of your lives together. Writing a song or a poem may take a bit more effort but if you feel you have what it takes it really will knock her off her feet. If you don’t feel you are up to writing a complete song you can take an existing tune and write your own words to it. Sing it to her on Valentine’s Day and she will still be bowled over by the lengths you have gone to, to show her just how much you love her. Remember that it’s coming from your heart and she will notice that.

Matched Set Gift for Valentine's Day

Breakfast in Bed – This is the ultimate in pampering and spoiling. Who doesn’t enjoy waking up to the smell of freshly brewed coffee, pancakes, waffles, eggs and bacon or any number of other wonderful smells that are associated with breakfast? When someone goes to the trouble of setting a tray complete with a small posy of flowers, napkin, salt and pepper and a wonderful breakfast cooked just for you it is bliss. Breakfast in bed is a luxury that very few get to enjoy in this hustle and bustle world we live in today, so it is truly treasured. If you aren’t the best of cooks you could always run out and buy fresh bagels, donuts or muffins and serve them to your honey on a tray. It is the thought that counts, and so whether you take the time and effort to surprise her with bought goods or cook them yourself it will still be something she will know that you did to make her happy. Scatter red rose petals on the tray to add a beautiful touch of romance on this special day.

You do not have to be an expert at whatever you make or do on Valentine’s Day. It is the love and care you put into it that makes it special. Provided you try hard to make it as beautiful as possible for your loved one she will know that it is a gift straight from your heart to hers.