Tips on Being Creative with Your Valentine’s Gifts for Her

This year, ditch the flowers and chocolates and pick a creative Valentine gift for her that is bound to amaze her. It’s easy to nip down to the store and buy a traditional Valentine’s Day gift so it’s time to treat your sweetheart to a gift that’s a little different.

Today’s modern economy is leading many men to look for gifts that are far less expensive, but still hold a special meaning for the lady in their life. And it’s always good to have a few options to choose from, especially if some of them cost nothing at all. We agree with these sentiments and are here to help. Keep reading for some creative Valentine’s gifts that are bound to surprise her.

Amazing Valentine’s Gifts Ideas

24k Gold-Dipped Natural Rose

gold rose
eternity rose

  • A natural rose dipped in 24 karat gold.
  • It perfectly combines the beauty of a rose and the majesty of fine gold.
  • Presented in an exquisite leather case, and comes with a certificate of authenticity.

Price: $179

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Red Natural Rose Glazed & Trimmed

red glazed rose
eternity rose

  • A real yellow rose which has been hand-picked at its height of beauty.
  • Perfectly glazed with a trim of 24 karat gold
  • Presented in a stylish display case made from PU leather, with a double-sided authenticity certificate.

Price: $169

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Red Glazed Rose Heart Pendant

eternity rose

  • Luxurious pendant created from red natural miniature rose petals.
  • Styled in a heart shape, the pendant is studded with 21 radiant synthetic diamonds.
  • Presented in a thick navy-blue velvet pouch, backed up by a lifetime warranty.

Price: $79

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The best creative Valentine’s gifts for her

First you might want to watch this video and decide which kind of female you’ve chosen to pick a gift for. It’ll certain help you narrow down your options.

With a clear idea of the lady you’ve chosen to celebrate Valentine’s Day with let’s take you on a journey that will introduce you to some creative Valentine’s ideas for her.

Living rather than cut flowers
It’s great that you’ve decided to ditch the traditional red roses. After so many years of being a popular Valentine’s gift they’re now considered a bit cliche by many modern ladies. Instead it will be much more appreciated if you gift her a living plant that she can nurture in the garden. It means that she’ll get to enjoy your gift for far longer, and be reminded of your love for longer than a couple of weeks. If your darling is a culinary whizz then you might want to consider the gift of a herb garden. That way you’ll also get to benefit with some tasty home cooked meals.

If your wife or girlfriend isn’t know for her green fingers but you still want to give her the gift of flowers consider what’s on offer from Eternity Rose. There are exquisite jewellery sets, crafted using rose petals that are trimmed with 24 carat gold, along with single rose blooms that are dipped in a precious metal to preserve their beauty for her lifetime and beyond.

Take her on an adventure
Unlike many other countries across the globe, Australians get to enjoy Valentine’s Day when the weather is balmy. You and your significant other get to enjoy lots of opportunities for doing things outside. Without having to worry about wearing gloves, hats, scarves and a warm winter coat. Head out into the Outback and enjoy an off-road adventure, or pack up a backpack and set out for a hike. Pop some cheese, wine and other tasty snacks into your backpack and enjoy the day getting back to nature.

Try some classes
Is there something that you and your wife or girlfriend are looking to try your hand at? Sharing a few classes learning something new will be a romantic and creative Valentine’s gift for her. Dance, art, cooking, or healthy living classes would be a thoughtful gift to share with your sweetheart.

creative valentines day giftsTreat your home to a Valentine gift
Here’s betting that there are heaps of things that you’ve meaning to do around your home but never found the time to get on with them. Treat your home to a little love this year and pick one of those odd jobs that will be the most fun and rewarding.

Get up early and get out the paintbrushes and paint that’s been gathering dust in the garage and freshen up your bedroom. Or if this sounds a little too ambitious then treat your windows to some new blinds or drapes.

Why not start a gardening project this Valentine’s weekend? Head down to your local nursery and pick some plants that will fit perfectly in your garden.

Do your bit for the environment by reducing, reusing and recycling. This might not sound very romantic but it’s something that you can do together and make a difference to your surroundings.

Reduce her stress levels
Spa treatments as gifts for the ladies have become very popular for all kinds of occasions, but on this page we’re looking at ideas that are a little more creative. Creative Valentine gifts for her ould include booking the services of a maid for the day. Or you might prefer a couple of ideas that will cost nothing at all.

Silence is golden – Has your life become very noisy? Is there a dog that keeps breaking the silence with it’s barks and growls? Or is there a baby or kids that never seem to be quiet? Treat your partner to the gift of silence – Don’t they say that silence is golden? Take the kids out of her hair or walk the dog as many times as possible, just for one day. That way she’ll get to enjoy the peace and quiet and simply relax.

Let all your responsibilities and commitments slide for the day and just chill doing something you’ve been waiting to do, or simply chillaxing.

A Valentine’s gift for those in need
There are plenty of good causes that could do with some help at this time of the year. Why not take the opportunity to make someone else’s Valentine’s Day special? Here are a few suggestions:

  • Donate blood
  • Volunteer at an animal shelter
  • Volunteer to help a child or family that is in need
  • Offer your skills to a non-profit organisation

Give your bedroom the Valentine’s treatment

Does your bedroom conjure up feelings of passion or has it just become another room filled with your junk? Add a few special touches, after having a good tidy up, and your Valentine’s evening is sure to be a night filled with passion.

Creative Valentine’s gifts for her aren’t that hard to find, and we’ve mentioned just a few of them here on this page. Stay tuned for more ideas on creative gifts for your beloved. We’ll also be looking at anniversary gifts and engagement gifts for her.