Elegance on A Valentine´s Day Dinner

Special occasions are always stressful for women. We don´t know what to wear – is it appropriate for certain occasion, where will he take us, should we take the red or the black dress, should we let our hair down, and hundreds of unnecessary questions are going through our head. But when it comes to Valentine´s Day we tend to be even more dramatic. Yes, it is the person who loves us, who knows how do we look when we wake up in the morning, who knows how do we look at not so perfect occasions, but we still try to impress them, make them remember why were they drawn to us that first time when they saw us. It is not really logical at all but, maybe the Valentine´s Day celebration is the great excuse to be beautiful for ourselves, no matter if we are newlywed or we have 15 years of marriage behind us. Women simply have the need to make themselves beautiful for no reason.

Then again, Valentine´s Day dinner is more than a good reason. So, what to wear?

If he is taking you out for a fancy dinner you can probably find some great dress you haven´t been wearing lately, like the dress in which he met you – if you still keep it. Or at least it can be the dress that he likes, or the dress that he bought for you. If none of this does the task than you need to have the little black dress which will be a great and classical item which you can wear with some eye-catching jewellery or beautiful shoes. Black dress is always a great option and details are there to make it shine. Pair it up with lovely clutch or small purse and you are good to go. He will certainly be glad you are his woman. Besides, there are many elegant midi dresses with popular retro feel to them. These dresses are simply lovely and flirty in their own way, so none of you will be disappointed if you wear dress like this. However, if he mentioned that it is going to be a very special dinner, then a long, elegant dress cannot be a mistake. You will feel like celebrity and he will be glad to show off.

If he is taking you for movies or concert be sure you wear something comfortable, but don´t be afraid to wear the skirt or high-heel boots. He will love your casual and sexy look, and you will feel great about it. You can wear mini skirt which will show just enough skin if you wear it with over-the-knee boots that way presenting yourself in both flirty and feminine way. Don´t let anything be too revealing – you are his and no one else needs the things he sees.

If you decide to stay at home, don´t be afraid to be casual to the max or, on the contrary, sexy and seducing. Either way he will fell ok about it. If you are doing the whole getting ready process just to impress him, then don’t. Be simple, be comfortable and be casual. If you feel like you want to be looked at the certain way then dress up, put on some great sexy lingerie and a nice dress, even if you know that nobody else will see you and that you will stay at home, or even better ditch the dress, it is the party for you two.
If you are going out for a walk to get some Valentine´s Day celebration spirit, be sure that you are appropriately dressed for the weather. Wear something you are comfortable to walk in. He might surprise you with some crazy adventures in the city so don´t let him catch you off guard. Be prepared for everything. No matter if you think you know him too well not to expect any surprise events.

However, we do not recommend being aggressive. You should not wear some items that have “Kiss me” written all over them. Be classy, not desperate. He will get the hint if he sees the lace shirt or a dress with low back. Do not be scared to be yourself. If fancy, elegant dresses are not your cup of tea, find something that suits you – suit perhaps! Women can also be sexy in suits and white shirts. You will not feel less feminine in any way. Do not wear too much jewellery as well, be elegant – if you wear big earrings than you don´t need to wear a necklace, and if you have amazing necklace for this occasion wear small and simple stud earrings. You are not supposed to shine from the jewellery but from the love in your eyes. You can wear something with attitude if your significant other is intimidated by your everyday look, but be sure you know where the party will happen.