Unique Valentine’s Gifts for Twin Girls

twins-girls-giftIf you have been blessed with twin girls in your family then you know what special people they are. Whether they are very similar in nature or totally opposite there is never a dull moment when they are around. Twins have a special connection to each other that non-twins cannot even begin to understand. When one is hurt or sad the other often ‘feels’ their pain or sorrow. Twins also have the ability to feel great joy when one or the other is extremely happy. Finding unique Valentine’s gifts for twin girls may be challenging but it can also be a lot of fun. The following ideas will help you choose Valentine’s Day gifts that will be perfect for the twin girls in your life.

Pre-School Age

This is the age when toys are top of a little girl’s list and it’s not different whether they are a twin or not. The only thing you have to take care not to do is to cause jealousy between the two. Similar toys in different colors are typically a safe choice for twins of this age. Dolls with different colored hair, different plush stuffed animals such as one dog and one cat, or one a lion and one a tiger, and similar ideas like that. Your girls may look alike and have many traits in common but it is highly unlikely that they will have exactly the same taste in many other things so buy things that appeal to each one individually.

Elementary School Age

Toys are still appropriate at this age but so is bedding sets. If your twin girls share a bedroom and are of school age they are probably beginning to want things that are different from what their sister has. They may still like the same things but are trying to establish their individuality so themed bedding sets from different television shows or Disney characters will be fun. Reversible comforters are another option; they can be the same but each girl can decide which side they have showing at any time. Different colors of the same theme will work too provided the girls are still happy to have similar things. Jigsaw puzzles are also a good choice because they can work on them alone or together. Individual book series are another good choice. Once they have read their own series they can swap so in effect they get two series to enjoy. Ask at your local bookstore what series are trending right now for girls of this age.

Pre-Teen/Middle School Age

Girls of this age are beginning to crush on television and movie stars, love to listen to music, are starting to experiment with makeup and are developing their own fashion sense. Beginner makeup kits are something they would appreciate. Choose ones that have a wide range of colors and tones so that they can discover which colors suit their skin type, and which colors look better on them than others. Even though much of the makeup will be wasted it is wise to give them good quality products so that their skin is kept in good condition. Perfume sets with sample sized bottles in a variety of scents may be another good choice for Valentine’s Day. If you get them each different perfumes they can share them and see which ones they like best. Go for light scents for girls of this age.


If you want to be a hero in your twin girls’ eyes take them shopping for clothes. Let them choose whatever they want to. Be prepared to wait patiently while they try on item after item because it takes time for teens to choose the items that make them feel good. Once they have finished shopping take them for lunch or dinner at a good quality restaurant so they can wear their new clothes for the first time in public. Treat them like the young adults that they are and they will love you even more for it.


a gift for eternity
By the time twins have reached adulthood they have established their individual identities and the differences between them will be more obvious than it was during their earlier years. At this age you don’t have to buy Valentine’s Day gifts for them that are the same or similar. Jewelry is always a great choice for women but given that they both have the same birthstone you may want to avoid birthstone jewelry for February 14th. Find out what other precious gems each of them like and find something suitable featuring their favorite stone.

Mother of Twins

There are so many beautiful things you can give the mother of your twin daughters. Jewelry that features the birthstones of each of your children is a beautiful gift she will truly treasure. She has helped raise your beautiful girls and you want to show your love and appreciation for her in a special way. An eternity ring is a special and beautiful gift for her on Valentine’s Day.