Valentine’s Day Gift Guide: Tips for Choosing What to Get

Some years choosing a Valentine’s Day gift for a special someone in your life can be more challenging than others. If you have been together for a number of years you have the advantage of knowing each other quite well, and that includes likes and dislikes. You also know what they already have so can avoid giving them something that isn’t of use. The disadvantage is that you have likely exhausted all the good ideas and now your loved one has lots of great gifts from you, and you are scrambling for ideas. Here are some tips for choosing what to get your sweetheart for Valentine’s Day this year.

Choose The Best Gift For Your Beloved By Following Our Guide.

Make Two Lists

List one will include all the things you have given your honey over the years you have been together. Once you have written them all down go back and try to remember their reaction at the time of receiving your gifts to them. Were they thrilled? Were they just so-so about it? Were they just being polite? If you are struggling to remember their reaction think about how often your gift has been used/enjoyed since you gave it to them. If it is something they use or enjoy daily then you know it was a winner. If you don’t remember having seen it in the past few years then either it wore out or it wasn’t such a great hit.

List two will include all the things you think they may like as a gift this year. Be as ridiculous as you like but try not to repeat anything that was on list one with a few exceptions such as perfume or anything else that may have worn out or been used up. In the case of perfume, if your sweetheart has used all that you gave her in previous years there is a strong possibility that she loves that perfume and would be thrilled to receive more. This year go a little further with the perfume and buy a jewelry gift set or gift set that includes body lotion and powder so she can enjoy an all over experience after stepping out of the shower or tub. If you have given her a charm bracelet in the past it will be perfectly natural to want to give her new charms for it.

Ask Your Friends

You might think this a bit odd but every married man faces the same challenge year after year as to what to get his wife. Even the single guys in a committed relationship will have some ideas. Some people are just naturally creative when it comes to surprising the women in their life with interesting and fun gifts so ‘pick their brains’ and see if you can get some ideas to work with. It’s a good excuse for a guys night out anyway, where you can all sit around and have a couple of beers while you brainstorm things to give your significant others.

Ask Her Friends

Woman in love on Valentine's Day
There is no shame in going ‘to the source’ to get information, ‘the source’ being her best friend. Chances are they have discussed what they hope to get for Valentine’s Day and probably have even brainstormed what to get their men at the same time. While her bestie won’t tell you what your wife/girlfriend is planning on getting you she may be able to steer you in the right direction for a gift she knows your wife/girlfriend will appreciate. Just do not let on to the bestie what you are going to ultimately get because you want it to remain a surprise until your honey unwraps it.


The number one mistakes many guys make when choosing a gift for their loved one is to procrastinate so long that they are at risk of settling for whatever they can get last minute. Women are very sensitive to receiving gifts that don’t appear to have been given any thought. She wants to know that you have put just as much loving care and consideration into the gift you give her as she did into the one she gives you. Many a man has found himself spending his Valentine’s night on the couch instead of in his sweetheart’s arms and that is the last place you want to be. All you have to do is start planning your gift and celebration ahead of time and then make sure you follow through. Dinner reservations have to be made well in advance as February 14 th is one of the busiest nights of the year, and if planning a getaway the same is true for accommodations and flights. If having her gift custom-made you will need to give the maker plenty of time to have it ready for you, and unless they offer a gift-wrapping service you need to be able to wrap it yourself and then hide it until the big day.