Fun Ways to Gift a Dozen Roses

dozen roses for Valentine’s DayWhen a woman receives a bouquet of a dozen red roses it is a clear message that the sender loves her deeply. The red rose has long stood as a symbol of love and passion and there is only one thing that is more beautiful to receive on Valentine’s Day than a single long-stemmed red rose, and that is a dozen of them! Men aren’t averse to receiving red roses either for many of the same reasons as women. While a dozen red roses beautifully arranged into a bouquet is a wonderful gift to receive sometimes changing things up a bit can make the gift even more beautiful. The following ideas are designed to get you thinking of new and interesting ways to present a dozen red roses to the one you love.


Send the roses to your loved one at their workplace as most women (and some men) love to be handed a bouquet of flowers in front of their work colleagues. It is a public statement of the sender’s love and will make your loved one feel happy for the rest of the day. She (or he) can then have them proudly displayed on her desk or decide to share them with the rest of the staff by displaying them where everyone can enjoy their beauty. Of course the message attached should be for her eyes only, particularly if it is a little ‘naughty’ so make sure that the message envelope is sealed and given to her separately.

Sing to Her

Got a voice that doesn’t scare small children and dogs when you sing? Then step up and deliver those gorgeous dozen red roses to her at work yourself. Get dressed up in your finest outfit and as you present the bouquet to her sing something really sentimental and romantic. There are a ton of good love songs you can learn a few lines of. You don’t have to sing the entire song but the fact that you are willing to stand in front of all of her (or his) work colleagues and sing to her as you give her the roses speaks volumes about the depth of your love. You may look and sound like a ‘lovesick fool’ for a minute but on Valentine’s Day it is perfectly acceptable to do so. It’s a magical day for romance so pretty much anything goes!

Add a Touch of Gold

red-glazed-roseRed roses are without a doubt one of the most beautiful flowers available, and when you consider that they symbolize love and passion it is little wonder they are the flower of choice as a Valentine’s Day gift. When you add gold into the mix it takes your dozen red roses up a notch and takes beautiful and turns it into spectacular. Eternity Rose has a red rose that has gone through a 60 step process to take it from beautiful to spectacular, making it a perfect addition to your bouquet of fresh roses. Unlike the fresh roses, the Eternity Rose lasts forever, a true reflection of the love you have for your sweetheart – eternal. You can nestle it into the middle of your bouquet and surprise her with it. An alternative to the red rose is a 24kt gold version that is every bit as spectacular. Other variations are silver, and platinum, as well as a large range of enameled roses in a variety of colors with gold tipped edges.

Hide them

Buy 12 individually wrapped roses and hide them in strategic places around your home. Tell your loved one that for every rose she finds she gets to make one wish for which you will do everything within your power to fulfill. Naturally her wishes have to be reason so you have a reasonable chance of fulfilling them. Another idea is to attach coupons for hugs, breakfast in bed, foot rubs and other things she might enjoy to each rose, with an open ended expiration date. This way if she doesn’t feel like cashing in her coupons immediate, she can savor them for another time when she really wants that foot rub. You have to be willing to comply though.

Get Kids Involved

If you are blessed with children have them give their mother some of the roses. You can split the dozen red roses so that they give her a couple each and you give her the rest. Children love to be involved in pampering and spoiling their mother, and even if they are too young to understand that Valentine’s Day is a day for people who love each other to do special things such as go out to dinner and give gifts, they will feel like it is something fun to do. If making your wife breakfast in bed let them help as much as they can at their specific age, even if it is only to carry in a napkin or silverware.